Furnace Repair & Maintenance

Furnace Repair & Maintenance

How do you keep an old furnace running like new? By regular maintenance. When you continue to make the needed repairs and fine tuning to your current furnace you can keep it running longer. Having routine maintenance done will help you save money now and the years to come.


What can happen without regular maintenance?

  • Heating Costs

Problems that may come from duct leaks can cause your heater to work harder than it should. As a result, your energy bills can become surprisingly high.

  •  Risk of Fire

Whether your system runs on electricity or fuel, if it is not regularly maintained there is a chance excess heat could burn out essential parts, causing combustion, or ignite materials that could catch on fire.

  • Frequent Breakdowns

One of the biggest reasons to get preventive maintenance done is to avoid your heater breaking down in the middle of winter. It is highly probable that your furnace can be dirty and have some mechanical problems when you start it back up.


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